How Much is Web Hosting in Uganda?

After you have secured the services of a website designer to develop a site for you, the following step is to locate a website hosting firm to take care of the maintenance and upkeep of your site. Your website is hosted on faraway computers on the internet, which ensures that it is always accessible.

Website hosting is far more affordable than website creation. The fact that some businesses and people offer both of these services at distinct prices is a positive development. On the other hand, some businesses combine the two into a single service and charge you for it. When this occurs, the website-building business will typically also serve as your hosting provider.

The price of website hosting in Uganda varies from company to company and is dependent on the type of website that is being hosted, the amount of content that is planned to be included on the website, the amount of traffic that is anticipated, customer support, and the reliability of the hosting services. The annual cost might be anywhere from Ugx 100,000 all the way up to Ugx 1, 000,000.

It’s worth noting that some claimed individuals and companies may offer you cheaper, however, your website is likely going to remain offline for most of the time. At Killasites, we are dedicated to giving you 99.9% uptime hence making your website accessible to your prospect clients and partners anytime, anywhere.

The annual cost of our most basic plan is about $50 (around 170,000 Ugandan Shillings). This includes free email assistance, five different databases, one gigabyte of storage space, and five different email addresses for your domain. This is more of a beginner kit than anything else. Individuals or smaller businesses who don’t anticipate their website receiving a significant amount of traffic can consider using this. Because there is just 1 gigabyte of storage available with this plan, it is best suited for websites that do not heavily rely on multimedia content. You are free to investigate each of our bundles in order to determine which one caters to your needs the best.

While selecting a web hosting business, it is important to look at more than just the pricing and the services. Consider;

Customers Support
Reliability and Speed
These three considerations are more essential than the cost and the characteristics. Some customers are prone to taking the bait and selecting the service provider that offers the hosting at the most affordable price. On the other hand, they come to subsequently regret their decision when they are unable to pick up the phone and call customer care to get something sorted out within the allotted amount of time. On other occasions, the loading speed of their websites is poor because the service provider has crammed a large number of websites onto a single web server, leaving the hosted websites to compete for a finite amount of resources.

Please keep the aforementioned criteria in mind the next time you find yourself in need of a website hosting provider in Uganda.